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Breathing tube
  • Breathing tube

  • Release time:2023-4-1 9:50:49
  • Product Brief:
    1.The feature of our products:
    Our Dive Mask Snorkel Set have passed CE certificate 
     1) Light weight, durable and comfortable.
     2) Flippers:the superior and unique fishtail 
        design increase the efficiency of diving
     3) New look mask with low volume for wider 
        vision and tempered glass lens

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1.The feature of our products:

Our Dive Mask Snorkel Set have passed CE certificate 

 1) Light weight, durable and comfortable.

 2) Flippers:the superior and unique fishtail design increase the efficiency of diving.

 3) New look mask with low volume for wider vision and tempered glass lens
 4) Snokel:Easy water clearing purge valve and comfort pre-angled mouthiece

 5) Clients' logo can be debossed or printed on the products.

 6) Easy to shift during diving. Quick release buckles.

 7) Manufacturing according to clients' requirements. Drawings or samples are highly appreciated.

 8) OEM is warmly welcome.


Diving Mask:


1.The soft and comfortable mask is made of high quality silicone for excellent facial comfort. Also, the material is non-toxic and odor-free can feel free to use.
2.The ergonomics design for long-time use without feeling uncomfortable.

3.The material of all accessory is used of high impact material which is not easy break.

4.Adjustable buckle allow easy, quick strap adjustment

5.4MM TEMPER GLASS, 1 window.

6.Stoving Varnish style - unique and special design for individuation.


Diving snorkel:

1.Mouthpiece material:PVC/Silicone
2.Dry top to prevent water coming through
3.Easy adjustable mask-holder

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