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Safe diving is no accident

Release date:2017-06-15 14:19:33


Diving is a fashionable and noble sport nowadays. It needs professional equipment and manpower support, but also needs more comprehensive services. In many people's opinion, diving consumption is more expensive than other sports. Cheap diving, of course, has its inevitable market, but there are many security risks under the lucky concept of survival. For example: rent a bottle, just rent a boat, regardless of whether the water visibility is very poor, and even some people just learn diving or did not participate in any diving training, take the Fish Diving gun hunting etc. (underwater hunting is a special course), do some personal behavior, some are go through some cheap dive shop, shop to earn money hidden, no constraint. Money is a little less spent, but life is precious. Price is proportional to safety and quality of service, and this is a constant formula. Accidents usually happen at a casual moment, and what we need to do is how to guarantee the safety to the maximum extent and standardize the diving market. This is not an empty talk, but it needs the support of divers.

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