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How to choose swimsuit, swimming utensil?

Release date:2017-06-15 14:18:47

First, according to their own shape to choose the body, swimsuit art from life, life needs art.
"The Buddha to gold, man." Swimsuit is related to human's appearance, it is a kind of plastic art which takes human body itself as its content. It can reflect people's different spiritual features. The summer beach goers, countless riding the waves, a jubilant. If you can choose a nice, appropriate, novel, fabric texture strong, elastic swimwear, can not only beautify the body, avoid weaknesses, show your body, make you richer the charm of youth, but also gives people a sense of beauty, this is how good thing! Swimsuit color gorgeous color like kaleidoscope: wavy, colorful; black and blue if if, full of mystery; colorful dots, like starlight, jumping in the swimsuit on...... Thus, the style and color of the new style swimsuit caters to the modern female aesthetic psychology. In the selection of swimwear, can from the perspective of aesthetics, according to their age, hobbies, personality, body characteristics, as well as from fluid mechanics, friction and physics to be considered, highlighting your strengths, and hide their own shortcomings, which embodies the unique beauty of swimwear. If your legs and whole body proportions ideally, you can choose a high fork cut swimsuit, which can make your legs look more slender. If you are overweight type, should be selected by the black, red, blue color with darker shades, the synthesis of simple pattern of swimwear, through different color combinations into the pattern of the illusion, to give people a sense of austerity slim. If your body is well proportioned, try a tight one-piece swimsuit with a horizontal stripe pattern. If you are thin or flat chested man to matching the bright tone pattern, rich and colorful collar type V swimsuit to emphasize the body beautiful lines, in order to increase the richness of beauty. If your leg muscles are more relaxed, the best way is to wear a skirt or shorts decorated swimsuit, or in the waist tie a scarf modified, in order to divert other people's line of sight. If you have a slightly lower body shape, choose a pleated swimsuit to create visual curves and waist pleats. If you have a large waist, you can choose soft and dull swimming suits, especially the waist, so as to avoid waist protrusion and prevent the beauty of the sense of beauty. If you have bigger hips, you may want to wear a bathing suit trimmed with pleats or strings, so that you can focus your attention to the waist. In addition, hip tangent pulled can make the legs look slender swimwear; two piece swimsuit can make thin woman slightly plump; multi strap swimsuit can highlight the beauty of the back; a strapless bathing chest symmetrical strong women more attractive, charming, beauty. May you wear a fitted bathing suit and a midsummer day.
Two, how to choose and use swimmers swimming glasses hydroscope (also known as swimming goggles), is commonly used to protect swimmers when the movement of the eye health care equipment.
Because the utility model is a totally sealed structure, the swimmer can not touch the water when swimming, thereby reducing the invasion of bacteria, viruses and chemicals, thereby reducing the occurrence of swimming eye diseases. In recent years, swimming enthusiasts use swimming goggles more and more, which has played a good role in protecting the eyes. However, some people do not know how to buy and use swimming glasses, so that the use of the effect is greatly reduced. Therefore, when swimmers buy swimming goggles, first of all, we should understand the purchase and use of swimming goggles. Attention should be paid to the following when purchasing swimming goggles:
1. swimming goggles should be completely sealed, without any breakage.
2. the body of the plastic (Perspex) shall be firmly bonded to the sponge (rubber) washer. Gaskets are best made of sponge and soft rubber. Gasket perfect, and the face of the junction prone to cracks and leaks. Silicone gasket has been adopted, although the rubber gasket is not foam, chloroprene rubber comfortable, but it is not glued to the mirror, so the lens will not fall off, the use of longer than the bubble. Some people are allergic to foam neoprene, but they are not allergic to silicone.
3. rubber belts, made of synthetic rubber, are the most durable. Some companies use UV stabilizing additives to treat rubber belts to withstand wear caused by sun exposure. Many companies attach rubber belts to the sale.
4., for people with poor vision, some companies have sold lenses with different lenses. Some also sell contact lenses that can stick to the mirror. Some companies can also use lenses to make lenses for goggles.
5. now has a wide range of color lenses to choose from. Often in outdoor swimming in summer, but also need to dye the lens.
6. should be based on the width size of the head and face, with moderate size hydroscope. In general, hydroscope washer can make the whole eye ring can be surrounded by.
The 7. mirror mirrors, around the framework should be transparent. So that swimmers can look at the front, side, upper and lower three dimensional space. The use of water, should pay attention to the problem:
1. each time before use, should check whether the damaged hydroscope. If a slight crack does not leak, it can continue to be used. If it has broken, leaking, has lost the use of effect, should stop using.
2. of the water, the water on the water soaked, prevent the use of mirror when the fog water effect observation.
3. place the rubber band and elastic band at the end of the head to a suitable length, slightly tight and not loose
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