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Diving related notes

Release date:2017-06-15 12:00:13

• use well maintained diving equipment and follow a professional diving center.
• the air in a diving bottle is a few filtered, oily, dry air. Before diving, during rest, after diving, please drink plenty of water, avoid drinking liquid containing alcohol or caffeine
• in order to better participate in diving activities, if there is a seasickness situation (usually diving boats in the running is not seasick, after the boat stops, irregular sway will make some people
Dizziness and vomiting) follow these directions:
Please avoid eating greasy food before the sea
Please don't sit in any confined space
Please try to sit in the center of the ship, because the center is shaking the least.
Please watch the horizontal line
B. If you want to often participate in diving activities, the only way to completely overcome seasickness often participate in boat diving activities, boat fishing activities or follow some fishing friends when to go to sea,
After you get used to it, you won't get seasick. (it's a lot of experience. Try it.).
Don't eat too much before diving, and don't drink gas.
Don't take a respirator out of your mouth when you sneeze or cough in the water. Trust it, you can do all of it.
• if you swim or dive in the sea, avoid jellyfish. If you do not touch it carefully, you can apply white vinegar to relieve symptoms if it is not serious. If it is serious, you should go to the hospital to do something
Allergy treatment;
• try not to touch creatures in the water, because some animals or plants may be injured or even killed by your touch. Especially those you are not familiar with, may be poisonous
Or fatally, marine creatures do more damage from their defensive behavior.
• take full rest and sleep. Try to avoid alcoholic beverages 24 hours before diving. This will make your diving safer and feel better.
• respect diving leaders and captains, follow professional advice and guidance, and do nothing against the diving system and rules. Respect local fishermen, not destroy their livelihood tools, do not take
Take their catch.
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